Together, for high overall returns
and potential of star performers

Enabling Ambitious Entrepreneurs to Fulfil their Potential


Entrepreneurs with the ambition and credentials to build a highly successful business, who require funding and recognise the value added role of experienced investors with knowledge of your sector are invited to contact us.

Entrepreneurs have told us that compared to dealing with:

Individual Angels – It’s great to deal with a single party that can meet all their needs.

Informal Syndicates – How efficient it is to deal with a party that speaks with one voice and acts with total professionalism.

Venture Capitalists – How refreshing and helpful it is to find investors who want to work WITH them whilst adding value with at least equal rigour, more business and a greater sense of practicality.


Co-investment by a sector-savvy lead investor is essential

The presence of a committed Lead Investor with relevant sector expertise is essential for every Angels4Angels investment.

That Lead Investor will ideally be identified and nominated by you, the entrepreneur but when required we may be utilise our pool of contacts to find suitable candidates.

Whoever is appointed must be acceptable to both Entrepreneur and Angels4Angels – in the expectation that all 3 parties will be able to work successfully together.