Together, for high overall returns
and potential of star performers

Tax-effective free service for High Net Worth Investors


Angels4Angels is dedicated to assisting high net worth individuals who wish to allocate part of their investable funds for:

  • A high probability of above average Investment returns though Business Angel level investments
  • Reduced risk relative to the norms of that sector
  • Utilising the knowledge and experience of seasoned angel investors
  • At minimal cost (£zero charges) and effort
  • Removing the need to create and manage own angel portfolio

How we Work

Angels4Angels assists individuals to join Co-Investment Syndicates in which all parties create a portfolio of investments that promote stated objectives and comply with stated parameters. Each investment undertaken and the overall portfolio will be constructed subject to the methods we have evolved for ‘improving the odds’ of high and predictable returns.

Syndicate members are asked to make a 3 year commitment and deposit the requisite first year funds into an Escrow account controlled by a solicitor. Knowing these funds are committed allows Angels4Angels to identify investment opportunities and negotiate their terms.

When a transaction is ready to complete, funds are drawn down from the Escrow account to subscribe for shares in the name of each Syndicate member, triggering the issue of Share Certificates and (EIS/SEIS) Tax Certificates in the name of each individual investor.

Angels4Angels will be designated as Shareholder Representative for all syndicate members with the authority of a proxy vote to act in the interests of the members as it maintains an active relationship with the Investee Company. As an active Observer, Angels4Angels will report back regularly to investors on the performance of each investment.


Angels4Angels forms syndicates that consolidate the investment capacity of a group of individuals to allow the development of a portfolio that would not otherwise be possible.

The portfolio effect reduces the chances of an absolute loss. The scale of shareholdings in investee companies that are sufficiently large to permit good professional investment practices to be applied in the evaluation of each investment and its pricing and terms.

Primary in those terms would be the post investment ability to influence affairs, including shareholder realisations in a way not normally available to individual investors.

Angels4Angels is in active discussion with other parties and expects to announce further Syndicates in the near future. All Angels4Angels business will conducted in an open and fair way both between and within Syndicates.

It’s simple to become a member of Angels4Angels.

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